Sunday, January 17, 2010

My 2009 knitting year

First, thank you for your comments following my last post - the posted comments as well as those of you who spoke with me directly. Knitters are a wonderful group of people, and I'm very glad to be among you all.

Second, I've been unable to load any photos for a month and haven't been able to break through the "javascript:void(0)" message when I try. So I'll post the photos later to get this post up now.

2009 has been a fickle knitting year for me, from frustrations to new experiences. I randomly learned new things, and knitted smaller projects after the big sweater for George. Perhaps this has been a growth spurt of sorts...

The year began with focus on luxury yarns; I knit Melody's Shawl with Plucky's Silk Merino for my Mom, and with Misti Alpaca lace and Zephyr lace for my friend, Cindy.
Next, I cast on George's top-down in January, using the vintage DK Marl. This project was all about learning how to plan my own design within the framework of Karen Alfke's pattern. I also learned just how much tighter my knit stitches are than my purls, how to research something instead of only turning to my knitting friends, just how short-rows worked for the shawl collar, and how to seam the back of said collar to best effect. George was just as thrilled with the results as I was - he's not really a sweater person, but puts it on proudly and wears it until he is roasting.

At Madrona, I began a smoke-ring with my beautiful qiviut-merino yarn. Looking back, I'm amazed I tried even that little bit of lace with such amazing yarn, but the results were completely sublime (thank you, Naomi and Melinda - you know how you helped!). I would happily knit with that yarn again, and I would knit that pattern again. I'm developing an interest in dying... I'd love see qiviut-merino in rich colors and want to learn about how to do that.

The lace-T knit from Pima-Tencel was completed in the spring. I love the way it feels and surprised myself by liking how it looks on me. I'm a little disappointed with the way it wears though - the yarn droops quickly, so this pattern would benefit from a sturdier yarn, such as the one recommended on the pattern.

On a whim, I found some colorful Kid Seta on sale and knitted Veronique from French Girl Knits. It was quite fun to do something quick and easy that still gave me a lesson about construction and finding an edging. It was the perfect lightweight wrap to take on our trip to Savannah, and people who don't know about knitting thought I was a genious to have made it myself. Always love that feeling!

I knit a couple of baby hoodies and a stack of cotton wash mitts before picking up my Louisa Harding vest of ivory Silky Wool. The pattern was marvelous and I love the resulting garment. The only disappointment was the color from the dark blue blouse the second time I wore it that rubbed onto the underarm of the vest. I washed the vest with Eucalan, but there is still a shadow, and I will have to take more drastic action. I love the color, but may have to dye it. And knit it again another day. Sigh.
Otherwise, I've knit several pairs of socks, a couple of scarves, and several hats. I'm loving accessories right now, and will talk next time about plans for 2010.

Happy New Year!