Friday, October 3, 2008

Indian Summer

There's no place like Seattle when the weather is beautiful, and this last week we had several unseasonably warm and dry days. We spent most of our weekend outdoors - between the yard and the local farmer's market. We're getting our last gasp harvests of red and golden raspberries, beans, tomatoes and zuccini (the basket shows some of the veggies), and just beginning to get our carrots and leeks. So we supplimented our supply at the market before coming home to finish the trimming and get to some of the weeding. The only problem with weekends is having to decide which projects to tackle and which will wait.

I've been working on my Weasley Wizard Wheezes socks (the Harry Potter collection yarn from Sunshine Yarns). The socks are just simple 4x2 ribbed socks on size 0 needles, and I'm already loving them. They look exactly Weasley to me, and they are so vibrant and bright - more exciting than what I usually choose. I'll probably wear them all the time and wear them out!

My niece, Emily is 15 years tomorrow. For her birthday, I knit the charming short sleeved cardigan (Design 26) from Noro's Designer Mini-Knits book. Ellen had knit it in August and I just loved it - then realized that I had some vintage stash yarn that would get the right gauge. I was afraid the design was too youthful for me, so Emily is the recipient. The pattern is great for uncertain knitters; the instructions are clear and easy to follow, and the result is as lovely as the photo in the book. The yarn is Paton's Townsend - the color reminds me of Greece, so I loved using the symbolic buttons - the blue-green combination is more beautiful than the photo indicates. Emily loved it and it looks adorable on her. Since I still have a couple of balls, I'll be able to use the yarn for a scarf or hat too. My offer of a Knitting Birthday Party for Emily and her friends was accepted, so on October 11, Naomi, Melinda and I will be coaching them through their choice of a scarf or a hat using yarn provided by Emily's mom, Gail. One of Emily's friends had a birthday party where the girls were provided with first knitting needles and learned to knit, so we are hoping to continue them on the path. I'll be knitting the samples this week so they can see the finished garment.